An easier way for companies to get insight from big data ...

Infochimps originally began way before I joined, and was the world's largest online data marketplace. We provided a variety of paid and free data sets and APIs with a Google-like search experience.

However, this business did not prove profitable as quickly as was hoped, and so when I joined, my mission was to develop the Infochimps Platform that leveraged our expertise in Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, Mongo, and Elasticsearch to make it easier for enterprises to get value from big data and drive meaningful business insight.

We served these technologies "as-a-Service" and provided add on professional services and industry/vertical application templates to sit on top and provide the easiest way to get insight for many use cases.

I joined Infochimps when they acquired my startup Keepstream in August 2011.

Infochimps was acquired by CSC in August 2013.