Tim Gasper is Director of Product, Data & Analytics at Janrain, the world's leading customer identity management platform, and Co-founder at Ponos, a fully automated, IoT hydroponics solution for growing food at home and urban farming.

Previously, Tim was Director of Product & Marketing at Bitfusion, the world's first end-to-end deep learning and AI development and infrastructure management platform, Senior Product Manager at ObjectRocket by Rackspace, and Global Portfolio Manager for CSC Big Data and Analytics, where he was responsible for the overall strategy, roadmap, partnerships, and technology mix for the Big Data and Analytics product portfolio.

Tim joined CSC via acquisition of Infochimps, where he was head of product leading their open data marketplace and Big Data Platform as a Service (BDPaaS). BDPaaS provided an analytics platform that could be deployed anywhere from public clouds to private data centers, and provided developers and data scientists the fastest and easiest path to creating business-impacting analytics and data applications.

Before that, Tim founded Keepstream, a social media analytics and curation startup, that was acquired by Infochimps in 2011.

Tim has over 10 years of product management and product marketing experience across software, SaaS, and PaaS products, and is a writer and speaker on entrepreneurship, lean startup methodology, and big data analytics.

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